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Strathmore Lodge.  Alltnacaillich Near Altnaharra by Lairg. Sutherland. IV27 4UJ Scotland

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The porch of the lodge is a good place to sit for moment and take it all in before you set off. In front the Strathmore River is flowing close by. In the horizon the soft Ben Hee Highland mountain rises and half distance one of the famous iron age broch, Dun Dornaigil.

We are taking a certain delight in this house being truly off-grid. We think that this will appeal to you as well.


The Lodge

Nature & Activities

At first glance, Strathmore Lodge appears like one of thousand traditional Scottish tin-houses. But look again.

Strathmore Lodge is the first step towards restoring a few traditional but significant Highland tin-houses. We respect that these small sturdy houses have been part of Scotland for decades. They all bear witness of maybe not an easy life, but a life intimately connected to nature. Maybe in many ways a healthier and simpler life.

The lodge is situated in the middle of breath-taking nature and is therefore a fantastic starting point for your close encounter with what is maybe the last true wilderness in Europe. Rich on wildlife as well of endless views.

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character and comfort"

Financial Times How To Spend It. April 2017





The Interior