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Strathmore Lodge.  Alltnacaillich Near Altnaharra by Lairg. Sutherland. IV27 4UJ Scotland

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“A glorious and secluded setting surrounded by spectacular views. An ideal spot for an unforgettable, get-away-from-it-all adventure”


The Lodge

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Sporting and out-door activities at Strathmore

The Nature

We have always been told that nature is good for us. That we should spend more time in nature for the sake of our physical and mental health. Here is your chance to get out there. On your own or sharing the experience with your loved ones.

On the vast private grounds, you have a variety of outdoor activities at your disposal.


Some say, that the rivers of this part of Scotland offers the best fishing water in the World. The Strathmore Lodge is situated right at the bank of the Strathmore River which is great for Salmon- and Trout fishing. Together with Kinloch Lodge we offer 6 rods in the rivers on the estate.


Let us take you on a once in a lifetime experience. Besides fishing Strathmore offers unique possibilities to get close to the Highland wildlife. Please ask us for more information.

Hiking & Moutainbiking

Spend an unforgettable day hiking the glens. Take in the feeling of being in one of the last remote natural areas in Europe. The remote- and sheer vastness of the nature have a great influence on the human soul as if putting everything in the right perspective.

Bring your own bike or let us help you organise what you need for the perfect ride on the trails of the estate. We are happy to advice on memorable routes of the estate, trail-running or mountain-biking.

Strathmore Lodge





The Interior